Generate a PDF in Go

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We have already covered pdf generation to some degree, by using wkhtmltopdf on AWS’ Lambda service. This post is about generating pdfs without needing wkhtml - by building the pdf from Go itself. To do this we use a library called gofpdf to build the pdf.

It quite straightforward for simple documents, but gets more complicated the more you add to it. In our example we add some text as a title and an image just beneath it. Finally call OutputFileAndClose() to save the pdf to file - a screenshot of our example is shown below.

To Install:

go get


package main

import (

func main() {
    err := GeneratePdf("hello.pdf")
    if err != nil {

// GeneratePdf generates our pdf by adding text and images to the page
// then saving it to a file (name specified in params).
func GeneratePdf(filename string) error {

    pdf := gofpdf.New("P", "mm", "A4", "")
    pdf.SetFont("Arial", "B", 16)

    // CellFormat(width, height, text, border, position after, align, fill, link, linkStr)
    pdf.CellFormat(190, 7, "Welcome to", "0", 0, "CM", false, 0, "")

    // ImageOptions(src, x, y, width, height, flow, options, link, linkStr)
        80, 20,
        0, 0,
        gofpdf.ImageOptions{ImageType: "JPG", ReadDpi: true},

    return pdf.OutputFileAndClose(filename)

how to generate a pdf with go

For more information and available methods, see the library's documentation.

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