Handle Ctrl+C (Signal Interrupt) Close in the Terminal

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When running a Go program in the terminal, your program could receive a signal interrupt from the OS for any number of reasons. One of which is if the user presses Ctrl+C on their keyboard (or whatever your operating system/terminal is set to). We can execute some code when this interrupt is received, mainly to clean up and reset what we were working on.

In our example we use a goroutine to listen for the interrupt from signal.Notify() and execute our clean up code when one is sent.

package main

import (

const FILE_NAME = "go-example.txt"

func main() {

    // Setup our Ctrl+C handler

    // Run our program... We create a file to clean up then sleep
    for {
        fmt.Println("- Sleeping")
        time.Sleep(10 * time.Second)

// SetupCloseHandler creates a 'listener' on a new goroutine which will notify the 
// program if it receives an interrupt from the OS. We then handle this by calling 
// our clean up procedure and exiting the program.
func SetupCloseHandler() {
    c := make(chan os.Signal, 2)
    signal.Notify(c, os.Interrupt, syscall.SIGTERM)
    go func() {
        fmt.Println("\r- Ctrl+C pressed in Terminal")

// Used to simulate a 'clean up' function to run on shutdown. Because it's
// just an example it doesn't have any error handling.
func DeleteFiles() {
    fmt.Println("- Run Clean Up - Delete Our Example File")
    _ = os.Remove(FILE_NAME)
    fmt.Println("- Good bye!")

// Create a file so we have something to clean up when we close our program.
func CreateFile() {
    fmt.Println("- Create Our Example File")
    file, _ := os.Create(FILE_NAME)
    defer file.Close()

This will output:

$ go run sigint.go 
- Create Our Example File
- Sleeping
- Ctrl+C pressed in Terminal
- Run Clean Up - Delete Our Example File
- Good bye!

And here’s what it looks like:

Example of using Ctrl+C to Exit

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